Post Placement Report

Mailed out Dori’s post placement on Monday. I am proud of myself that for once I did not have to pay a kagillion dollars to overnight the darn thing before my agency closes down for the holidays. I had a template to use that makes the report pretty straight forward. Once again I find myself relived as I fill out the milestone section. I check the internet to see what a three year old should be doing and Dori is on target or ahead (even though she has not learned a darn letter from the Leap Frog video or refrigerator magnet thing like every other toddler I seem to know). 

Does anyone else fine it difficult to balance the information in those things? On one hand I want to keep it pretty bland not knowing who will end up reading it, on the other hand, there is the glimmer of hope that a family member might see them one day and want to know that Dori loves to eat sweets and sings off-key.   I try to keep a balance and hope that if nothing else her picture show what a bright, happy, loved little girl she is.

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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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