Winter Blues

(Note: For those of you that live in a place with actual seasonal climate variation and real winters you may not want to read this.  And if you do read this I will freely admit I deserve any nasty comment you wish to leave.)

 I grew up Southern California and firmly believe that any weather outside the range of 75-90 degrees is extreme.  I am genuinely surprised and somewhat offended every time it rains, especially on the weekends. I mean really – that is what Mondays are for (preferably between the hours of 8:30 and 4:30 when I am not on the road).  I believe it is absolutely reasonable to expect to play with water balloons on Valentine’s Day (actually occurred), start the swimming season Easter Sunday and wear short sleeves through October.

This year we have had more rain than normal and cold weather seems to be hanging on (come on it is March already). Normally I am OK with a little extra season but this year it has just been rough. Not because of any passionate hate of the cold (projected to get down to 56 degrees on Saturday – see above definition of extreme weather) but because of Miss Dori’s current wardrobe. 

You see she had the misfortune to have a growth spurt mid February. I really think she shot up an inch in a week. Normally that would be no big deal just start her in the next size – except all her next size clothes are for spring and summer. Bright colored dresses, fun capris, cute little shorts; they wait for the sun to come out and play.  Tags attached, folded neatly they fill the drawer next to the pitiful pile of winter clothes that still fit. I can hardly find any long sleeves –let’s face it bathing suits have filled store shelves since December 26th -let alone a jacket.  Dori had to wear a coat that ended an inch and a half above her wrist last Sunday to church. To think I had vowed never to be that mother.

So if we could just get a little sunshine – just enough to justify that sweet white sweater instead of the too small pink coat. Because trolling the internet looking for winter clearance, and trying to guess the right size to last through till next November, and betting that if it takes two weeks to get here there will still be chill in the air –it is just getting old.

In related news –our clothes are starting to come from the kids section. Not infant, not toddler, full fledge kids section. Where the heck did my baby go?


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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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