Trip to Snake Mountain

Let me just start with admitting that I am not very adventurous. I enjoy the beach, the mall, and the back yard pool.

However, being a mom, I thought I should expose Dori to the wonders of nature – in small doses. A local reservoir has a wildflower trail that I thought would be a fun outing with the kids.

We loaded up: my sister, aunt and myself with five children – ages five, four, and three three-year-olds. We get to the lake and discover that the trail is 2.6 miles long –  a bit long for the kids but we will just walk for a while and then turn back. The trail is about 12′ wide with a gentle slope. The weather is just right; warm – not to hot, just a gentle breeze.  After reading the guidelines for mountain lion encounters (pick up the kids and make yourself look big), hoping no one has to use the porta potties, and noting the rattle snake warning signs, we head off to explore.

After walking about ten minutes we pass a fellow hiker that warns us about a snake on the trail.He tell us that we can just walk around the snake. There is plenty of room. Now rattlesnakes  are something I have been warned about many times but never really run into. The trail is wide  and we have a clear view in front of us so we decide to proceed. Each of us hanging on to one or two kids to keep them from any exploring. I am dragging encouraging Dori to keep walking even though she is panicking  concerned about meeting a snake.  We go a bit farther and meet up with two more hikers. One is guarding a rattle snake at the edge of the trail. I pick up Dori and assure her that I will not let her be hurt by the snake and we pass by giving the snake a wide berth. I am not even sure Dori saw the snake since she has since described it as striped with blue and green.

A bit rattled (ha-ha) we walk just a bit more, take a couple of quick pictures and head on out of  there. Just in time since Aiden was starting to whine  complain about walking. Over all it was about a mile round trip. Dori has claimed she was never scared and liked meeting the snake, which as of yesterday, was eight feet long (keeps getting longer). For now I think we will stick to the beach for our nature experience and avoid what will  be known to us forever  as “Snake Mountain” in the near future. As least until I price out steel toed boots for five kids.

Heading up the trial – note the Sun Chips Dori is clutching -never know when you will need a snack in the “wilderness”.

We did see some pretty flowers.

Group shot of kids (and Jenny to hold kids in place) with pretty hills and lake in back ground.

No picture of the snake – I was trying to keep Miss Dori calm. It was not blue and green striped or eight feet long.


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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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2 Responses to Trip to Snake Mountain

  1. Lisa says:

    LOL! You had me on the edge of my seat! Stick with Honey Beach! LOL!

  2. Vikki says:

    Love it!!!

    Hey, I want to get the name of # of Dori’s hair lady. Thanks!

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