To Another Mother

It is Mother’s Day and she is excited. She loves to celebrate for any reason. I imagine as she grows we will be having cake on Groundhog’s Day and National Scrapbooking Day and any other holiday that she can find. Do you like to celebrate every occasion?

It’s Mother’s Day and she is beautiful.  She has creamy chocolate skin and wild bouncy curls. She has a smile she shares with everyone. Her spirit lifts those around and traps them in a whirlwind that delights. She lights up a room. I wonder, do you?

It’s Mother’s Day and she is smart. Oh, she will not count to ten when I want her to and will get her colors wrong half the time, but she is smart. She memorized her first Bible verse this week, and she talks like five year old.  And –oh! – she can scheme. I have to be on my toes all the time with this one. What about you? Did you hide food on your friend’s plate to get dessert? Did you have enough food? Do you now?

It’s Mother’s Day and she has faith. It is small and sweet, innocent and precious. She asks some really hard questions and pays attention to the answer. She has a thankful heart and may just become a prayer warrior if her passionate beginnings continue to bloom.  What do you believe? Will we meet you in heaven as I pray? Do you still have faith?

It is Mother’s Day and if I am to be honored you should be honored as well. I hold the keys to her future. You hold the keys to her beginning. You made a decision for something other, it does not make you less, it perhaps makes you more. Being a mother is all about making hard decisions, giving up what you want, and doing the very best for the very best.

Gratitude is not enough. Words are not enough. Sorrow is not enough.

Just know … she is thriving… she is loved…she is precious, and wonderful, and witty and sweet and…and …and all the words I cannot find.  She is good.

Happy Mother’s Day


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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