A Bit of Rest

Dori sleeps beside me. I let her fall asleep in my room. A treat these days. It has been a busy week. We had practice Monday and Tuesday. Tomorrow is a birthday party and a musical performance for some of the cousins. Friday another long practice. The next few days will hold later than usual nights.

Dori is doing well at dance practice. enthusiasm and a happy smile make up for any precision in her dance. She is a good year younger than any of the other participants but loves being with the other girls. I have been trained to always have a bottle of water on hand so that Dori has water just like the other girls during her water break. I also carry granola bars in my purse. She needs a snack after dancing especially since all her rehearsals end between 5 and 6 and dinner is a fifteen minute drive away.  

We are trying to balance all this new activity and our new habit of not taking naps. It is leading to a bit of testing. I am trying to be patient when appropriate and firm when necessary.  Ah the endless dance of parenting.

Tonight I elected not to attend Bible study. Dori was in the pool for two hours (yes even though it was on the cold side) and my grandparents were here today. She had no nap and I elected a night off was in order. I combed, moisturized and braided her hair into two soft braids. I will be soft and easy to style tomorrow. I  put rich lotion on her skin to soften and sooth away the dryness left by  hard water and a long day. We did not get around to painting our nails as planned before she fell asleep against my leg.

A bit of rest is just what we needed tonight.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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