Mental Snapshots

Dori pretending to be a dog named Sammy. Who plays the tuba in an all dog band. She lives at the beach and rescues people with her special leash.

Dori in the bathroom with me as I put on makeup. She wants makeup (foundation) lip stick and something extra special. Then she wants her princess dress on, over her hippo pj’s with the spotted shorts.

Dori in dance practice, wearing Sarah’s  handed down  leg warmer  all stripey and fun, going all the way up her thighs in 80 degree weather, totally excited to be in class with her friends-totally not paying attention to dance.

Sometimes I forget the wonderful little moments that make Dori so special. She has a bright and active imagination a tuba playing rescue dog – where does that come from? She loves life and her biggest fault is that drive that does not know how to stop.  She makes me smile.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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