It Started Out So Well

This morning I was the bestest mom. The beach last week, Disneyland today, ballet this weekend – I was the best.  Oh how short that title lasted.  The first runner up can asume that role because I have been found unable  to fullfill my duties. Disneyland was great right up to that last hour.We started by strolling down main street just looking at the fun window displays.  Actually the fun really started when we  GOT TO RIDE A BUS from the parking lot. It is the small things that make Dori happy.

We then went on to the carousal, Dumbo and the princess coronation ceremony-  where I got no good pictures. It was our first time at that princess fair thing – man what a retail trap that is. I was this close to outfitting Dori in a whole new Tianna costume. Good thing it was not availible in her size. I got away with a new pair of princess Minnie ears and an autograph book and pen. 

Then we saw the parade from too far away and headed into Toontown.  Dori was tall enough to ride the little rollercoaster in Toontown. She loved it  and wanted to go again.

Look how big she is.

Then we went to Mickey’s house to get a picture and our first autograph from the mouse himself.

Flushed with the sucess of getting out first autograph we waited in line to get an autograph from Minnie only to be turned away before it was our turn.

(Dori not getting an autograph)

That was our first breakdown.  I tried getting dinner at this point in the hopes that we would get our second wind. Alas it was not to be. Dori started to reach the limit of her good behavior and I was reaching the end of my patience. I gave her the choice of one more thing to do. We toured Mickey’s house and then hopped on the train out of there.

Chilling at Mickey’s.

Dori let me know on the train that I had a bad attitude because I would not let her ride two more rides and  I was a NOT NICE MOMMA. I perservered and we made it to the car. Before starting to snore Dori let me know she wanted a DS like all the big kids. The brand new Leapster she was playing with was not enough because she is big now – REMEMBER SHE WAS BIGGER THAN THE SIGN.

Good thing I know she was just tired. I hope tomorrow to regain my title – at least until I make her clean her room and let her know again that she is not getting a DS,

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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to It Started Out So Well

  1. Debbie says:

    Sounds like a good day despite the ending.
    How tall is she? Wondering if Isabel will be able to ride any of the rides when we take her.

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