We were rocking and rolling tonight. I was at work when we had an earthquake hit. I have lived in Southern California my entire life and in my experience they are either quick short jerks or longer rolling shakes. Today’s was one of the longer kind. At  first it is not big deal and then as the seconds go by and the shaking gets stronger you start thinking “Is THIS the big one?”  THE BIG ONE. Do I need to get under my desk? Just in case you were wondering I do not think I have ever gotten under a desk in a real earthquake.  After the earth stopped shaking I immediately called to check on Dori.  My calls kept getting dropped. That made me nervous. I was 99.5% the earthquake was not strong enough to do significant damage 30 miles away but still I wanted the all clear. The kids playing outside did not even notice it.

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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to Earthquake

  1. Debbie says:

    Yeah, that was our third since being here and I my legs were still shaking from it for awhile.
    Glad to hear even a native was shaken by this one.

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