A Super Star.. In More Ways Than One


Shortly after my last set of posts I started looking harder for a new school for Dori. I wanted some thing close so that it was convenient for my parents to take her half days, five days a week. I wanted structure balanced with creativity, faith-based curriculum and a diverse group of kids. I was so excited to find all of those in the school Dori is attending. I really have to give God and some good friends all the credit.  I relied heavily on the input of others and prayer to pick a school.  To me it is hard to distinguish between preschool programs. Walls are cute , teachers are nice, and  I have no clue what a four-year old should be learning.   I did not even know pre kindergarten is different from pre school. It comes with standards and milestones I have been told. So last week loaded down with the gaudiest Disney princess backpack (after I refused to buy Hannah Montana – older cousin’s influence) Dori headed off to pre kindergarten. 

It has been great. I was never so happy to walk into class that first day and see four races represented.  She had a couple of “trips to the table” (talking too much- I am sure that will come up again, and  an argument with another child) last week but this week she is a super star (the top level on their behavior chart).  Already she has learned to write her name (I knew she was holding out on me) and is doing great. Today they did something with hot dogs and a parachute. Last week she paid-a-leedans-under the stairs invisible (I figured that one out – can you?).

 We are on the way up, up, up.


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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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2 Responses to A Super Star.. In More Ways Than One

  1. Debbie says:

    Pledge Allegiance.
    That’s awesome that’s she’s learning so much so quickly. We had Isabel in a diverse daycare before. It wasn’t the best daycare but it was convenient and not only her classmates but her teachers were diverse.

    • Beth says:

      It really was an answer to prayers. I thought there was no way I would find everything I wanted in a school for Dori.

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