Surrounded by birthday spoils, the newly minted four-year-old sleeps. Contented sighs and a tiny smile hint of dreams full of polka dotted ice cream cake, giggly little friends, happy presents and all the little magical moments that make birthdays sparkle.

Being the mom makes it so much different. The planning, shopping, hiding, surprising, they are the keys to unlock your smile. The secret heart knowledge of what brings you delight  – that is what makes it magical. The kisses and thank you’s and hugs so tight – those are just the cherry on top. Your joy, my child, is its own reward.

We enter into a new arena turning four; new styles and taste and you defining you. I am dragging my feet into this new “kid” world, but I will try not to let it show.  Even though I carried you down the stairs this morning, sleepy and snuggled still full of dreams, tonight I will make you walk up – because you are four.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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