Catching Up

So I have been neglecting  the blog lately. Mostly a case of writers block followed by posts that are too full of more information than I finally decide to share. I am going to a little catching up, a little back tracking and some other random stuff as well. So what has been going on:

  • Dori’s fourth birthday was great. It was a small party with just a few friends. So far I like smaller better. We followed up with a pinata with the cousins. Hitting a favorite cartoon character with a bat. Parents really should be allowed to go first.
  • Dori loves birthday parties no matter whom they are for. We seem to be participating in several these days; the park, Chuck E Cheese, and princess parties abound. I hope for a slow down but with my little social butterfly I have a feeling I would be better off just buying Toy R Us stock.
  • Dori is officially able to swim lengthwise across the pool and is allowed in the pool without wings when fully supervised.
  • Skin color and hair has started to become a frequent topic of conversation. We are navigating the waters with care and so thankful that we are blessed to know several friends that have families like us.
  • And finally the nap is officially  gone. With rare exceptions she is staying up and going to bed like a dream around 7:00.


Beating the heck out of Minnie Mouse

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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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