Have You Ever Noticed

That throughout the day you can think of oh so many brilliant things to say on your blog, but as the day end and time opens up for you to get on the computer, nothing is there. For me a  contributing factor (at least for the last few days) is this fun heat wave we have been having. It went from pulling out the jackets and sweats a week ago to record high heat. No it is unusually. Typically, just as I box up all the shorts and tank tops, summer protests the change of seasons with one last round of 115 degree temperatures.  Of course it is also tradition that as a Southern California native I complain about any deviation from perfect weather. I also complain about rain and anytime I need to breakout something heavier than a windbreaker to combat the cold. Seasons are a bit confusing for the younger crowd around here. We define them by the places we visit instead of actual weather shifts. In fall we visit the leaves falling. In winter we visit snow. In the spring we visit wildflowers and in summer we visit the beach and  go in the water (we actually visit the beach year round). Dori was so exited to point out leaves that were actually changing colors yesterday just like they learned in school. Dori is just fortunate that she lives in Southern  California. Clearly her native climate left an impression on her. She is cold when it dips below 80 degrees out. Her favorite pajamas are flannel and yes she wears them in the summer. I am not sure she would survive snow all winter, which is good, because I know I would not.

 Any way I am looking forward to the promised cool down this weekend. I am planning a trip to the pumpkin patch. Dori loves the pumpkin patch. And now because I am now feeling all nostalgic and you have read this really rambling post I will reward you with pumpkin patch visits of the past.

Could that baby be any cuter? (2007)

My little cowgirl (2008).


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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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