The End of the Week

I took off early to take Dori to the doctor, just in case. I am happy to report it is only allergies. We did both get our flu shots so it was not a total waste.

In those few sentences are so many blessings.

I took off early. My pay will not be cut. My employer will not threaten my job. The time I took off is actually protected at my company. It cannot even be considered in a review. I am blessed.

I took Dori to the doctor. I used a car to travel about twenty miles to my health care provider. My dad actually met me there with Dori so I could work an extra half hour. I had markers and a coloring book waiting in the car so she had something to do if we had to wait. We did not have to wait long enough to even get them out. I am blessed.

Her regular pediatrician was not there but there was a kind considerate doctor available to see her today. She is 41.5 inches tall and weighs 38 lbs. She is a healthy weight and height. He gave her a little examination and proclaimed there is nothing seriously wrong. I got some suggestions for over the counter medicine which I actually have waiting in my medicine cabinet. She only has allergies. I have medicine to help  make her more comfortable, I was able to see a doctor. I am blessed.

We were both able to get a flu vaccine. We have the option to be vaccinated against the flu as well as everything we have been vaccinated against. The needles were new. The environment we received our shots in was clean and safe. I am blessed.

All of this was completely without cost to me today. I am blessed. I forget that a lot when I think of the new camera that I cannot get or the latest scrapbook toy I want. There are things that my family and friends are blessed with that I do not have, but I have a lot and I want to share it with those who have little.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to The End of the Week

  1. Debbie says:

    Excellent post and reminder. Each day this month I’m trying to remember at least one thing a day I am grateful for. Plenty more things to be grateful for but some days it’s hard to be grateful for just one.

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