Brothers and Sisters

I am blessed in that most of my immediate family is close. Both in terms of geography and in terms of relationship. I am one of eight kids. There is one prodigal brother that has a story all his own. And a sister who is still figuring out life. She has a whole anthology of her own, but she does still live at home.

When I say we are close I mean we see each other regularly and generally keep up with each other’s lives, mainly through Facebook and through mom. We each have our individual relationships that go deep or stay shallow depending on who we are closest with at the time. And we get genuinely pissed at each other in a way that only a sibling can from time to time. But we have not drifted too far apart.  I am glad I have them.

I hope we can all grow old together.  It is tough sometimes. Sometimes we have nothing in common except that we are family. Even that can work against us. Even twenty years later there are wounds left over from being adolescents together. Kids can be so cruel.

I trust that the Lord knew what he was doing when he put all of us in one big bowl of mixed nuts. And I know that despite our differences we care about each other. Each in our own way. I also know we all love the Lord and He is working on each of us in His own way. And that continue to keep us coming together.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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