Belated Thanksgiving

Thankful for my Savior – Without Him all my efforts are for naught. He provides the grace to cover my many in adequacies and forgiveness when I fail. I would really like a clearly defined road map for the next few years but I have the faith to let you lead me baby step by baby step if that is the plan.

Thankful for my sweet Dori girl – Four years later and I have not forgotten the intense longing as I waited for days to pass. November 30, 2006 we passed court, one step closer to family. Special prayers and blessing to those who wait this holiday season. Whether you have already met or still hope for a face I know your heart longing and wish you peace.

Thankful for my father and mother – It has been a rough year, a rough decade. But we are still here putting one foot in front of another. I love you both.

Thankful for Pam – She always agrees with me except when I am about to buy an old lady purse or the wrong pair of shoes. I appreciate knowing you are firmly in my corner and willing to stand up when I need it. I miss you even more than Dori does.

Thankful for Shelly – As we figure out this imperfect parenting thing I am glad to have a friend along the way.

About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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