Easter 2011

Last week was rough. My brother was in the hospital. Dori and her cousins shared the stomach flu. Work was rough and to top it off I was rear ended Friday on the way home.

The weeks leading up to Easter were not all I had planned them to be. I did not get all the fabulous craft I planned done. The house is not purged in a glorious spring cleaning and looking fabulous.  I did not have a thoughtful and reflective Lent; delving deep into the life and nature of my savior as I prepare my heart for the celebration of His resurrection. Instead I have been battling depression, regret and disappointment recently. I have been treading water. Just keeping afloat.

Driving away from the accident Friday gave me a new perspective once again. Other than an aching back and neck I am OK. My car, a larger vehicle that I have been really wishing was smaller and sleeker with better gas mirage, bore the brunt of of a inattentive SUV driver as I was stopped waiting to get off the freeway. I was able to come home to my sick little munchkin give her some TLC, snuggle up beside her and take care of her through the night. I was suddenly so thankful for that big, gas guzzling car.

Easter dawned grey and drizzling. We dressed in our Spring finest (I even made Dori an Easter dress) and made it to early service. Our lovely outdoor brunch was moved indoor. We ate in shifts because people were late. The Easter egg hunt had several hitches. And my brother is still in the hospital. But, it was a good day. It was a great day. My Savior has risen. My sins are forgiven. And I am blessed. My plans may not work out the way I want them too, but God is sovereign and his resources are infinite. He has taken care of us this far and He will continue do so. 

Happy Easter everyone. I hope yours was as blessed as mine.

About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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