November 30

Five years ago you and I became family.

We were so unaware that lifetime ago. You could not know the day’s event would strip you of one life and secure you to another. I had no concept about how my world would shift becoming a mother. A legal knot was tied that day, just one string of many that bond our family.

As we were secured, another cord was severed. Legally it terminated one relationship, and ended one family. You lost more than a last name that day. You lost a country, a people, and a way of life.

I cannot weigh the losses and gains and determine that you out came ahead. That will be part of your journey. I can only love you and be the best mom I can be as your travel that journey. I hope you realize God has placed us all where we are and He is the source of joy and content. Being secure in Him eliminates the anxiety of life and brings us peace.

Five year ago I was in love with a dream. Today I find the real so much more. You are amazing, talented and strong; a bright and cheerful light, full of life and joy. I am proud to be your mom and humbled that you are my daughter. You have given me a glimpse of heaven. Only a God who loves me much would place such a treasure in my arms.



About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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