March In and Out


March blew through and wiped us out. We started with a quick trip to the snow. One of the greatest blessings of living in Southern California is you can visit the beach and the mountains in the same day. Not that I have done that in thirty plus years, but the fact that I could helps keep me glued to the golden state.  Honestly most of the time I could live without snow. It’s cold and a lot of work but we had lots of fun. This was Dori’s first visit to see snow. We tried last year but picked a bad time and only found a pitiful patch that we took pictures in for 15 minutes.  This year we stayed in a nice cabin with a great back yard the kids could play in. We had snowball fights, tried sledding and did some inner tubing the easy way.

After our trip to the snow we jumped into student of the week. This included a life size poster with yarn for hair (Dori volunteered to cut her own off for authenticity but I nixed that.) We provided root beer floats for snack on Tuesday and I visited with pizza on Friday. A parent teacher conference brought good news – we are ready for Ist grade, at least academically- yeah.

The following week Dori fought a battle with tonsillitis. Antibiotic shots followed by ten days of two additional antibiotics cleared up a peritonsillar abscess. The next weekend I had some training that left us playing catch-up all week. We ended the month with a trip to the Ballet locally for Dori and mom on Friday and then a grown up trip to the ballet for mommy.  Somewhere in there was a sinus infection for me. I think I spent a total of three hours at the pharmacy this month. Much less than some poor mommies have to do but more than I have in the past three years combined.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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