Teeth and a Tangent About Thankfulness

Did you know it is possible to have a ten minute monologue on a loose tooth? We have an upper tooth that has been marginally loose for about six month It is finally starting to really move. Dori is desperately trying to lose it at school in order to obtain a coveted tooth necklace with the choice of red, pink or blue string. Since I am personally a bit grossed out by the process of losing teeth, I am in full support of not having mom pull it out at home. To aid the cause I packed a lunch of apples and carrots and all manner of crunchy things. I even included an encouragement note to remind her I am on her side.

 I am blessed that such things make a difference in Dori’s day. She often notices and appreciates when I take the time. It makes it easier to take the time. It is truly a gift. I know and have lived with those that do not appreciate any gestures big or small. Sometimes I am one of those persons. To acknowledge a gift of any size requires humility and generosity.  It also requires security. All too often I let a gesture go by without celebrating the giver.  The greatest shame is that the one I often forget is my heavenly father. So many times a day I am blessed without acknowledgement because I want more or I am too good. It is good that God pairs his generosity with mercy so that I am forgiven my selfish heart. He knows that I am often weak and insecure and loves me anyway. So tonight I thank him for my daughter’s celebrating heart. Thank you that I get sweet feedback for small gestures. Help me protect her heart so that enthusiasm and encouragement will remain great strengths in her.

About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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