Awake, Asleep and Everything in Between


There are times when Dori is lying next to me fast asleep that I wonder what I ever did to deserve this child.  Of course there are times when she is awake and I think the exact same thing with a whole different tone. It is amazing and awesome to be this little girl’s mom. She has so much potential. I often get caught up in the things I am not doing to help her succeed and forgetting how great she really is.

We are heading into the Holiday season. Halloween went by with lots of fun and excitement. Costumes, candy and make up are all fun blessings at our house. I have to say though my favorite moment was at the end of the day when Dori sipped a “nice cup of tea” she requested to help her get to sleep. It makes this former member of the Victorian Tea Society happy to have Dori follow in her footsteps. 

We are going into the season with lots of activities on our plate. Twice a week for two hours Dori has theater practice. That is on top of weekly dance lessons. I am thinking of adding a couple of more dance lessons just for fun. We have also successfully been consistent in our attendance of the weekly church club for Dori and Bible study for me. The first time in about six years. Yeah!!! Now if I could just get to church each Sunday. That will come though.

I am also focusing more on photography. Looking to capture some of those fun moments better. Good thing I have a mostly willing mode ready to pose for me.  Dori also like to get behind the camera to take pictures. She is showing some skill and we might just become mother daughter photographers. Who knows?


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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