Forty Is Going To Be Fabulous.

I am a few months shy of my fortieth birthday. Just today I realized that the roots of my hair are no longer on the dark blond side. No more warm tones, but cool silver is being reflected off the top of my head in the harsh florescent light of the office bathroom. I have been using that same bathroom for than ten years now. At 29, ten years seemed like such a long time. Now I am the old timer. How did that happen? At least it comes with a lot of vacation time.

There is no time left to accomplish big goals before I turn 40. I instead of lamenting what I have not finished I am going to rebase some goals and push deadlines to 45. Other dreams I am going to let float away, like a forgotten flip flop being slowly dragged into the ocean. I did not take care of those dreams well enough. They are lost now. The reality of forty looming is there are fewer opportunities and more responsibilities waiting in the future.

Still I am so blessed. My greatest mission is still under way. Mothering is such a miracle for me. Unlike those other dreams, I listened to the still small voice that told me to move. I did not let time slip by and now my reward is my precious gift from God. All that in enthusiasm, passion and beauty wrapped up in one little girl; maybe God knows that is all the opportunity I need right now.
Forty is going to be fabulous.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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