On December 25, 2006, I became a mom. Not after 9 months of pregnancy, not in a hospital, not surrounded by my closest friends and family, not even in the United States. I became a mom in a small bedroom, of a small children’s care center across the world in the capital city of Ethiopia, witnessed only by the amazing staff at CWA Ethiopia and my wonderful sister-in-law Heather.

The first time I  held her in my arms, it was as if a piece of puzzle fit into place.  The waiting and hassle and paperwork all became insignificant, me became we, a family was created, I became a mother. Sissay  is the name on her Ethiopian birth certificate, Dorthea is the name I chose for her. Dori is what we call her every day. Amazingly, planned only by God, both Dorthea and Sissay in mean “Gift of God”.  She lives up to her name in every way. She is loving, healthy, beautiful and strong and God has blessed me to be her mom. 






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  1. Nancy says:

    I met my daughter (and husband) on December 25, 2005!

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